Tacit Knowledge






The semester project 'tacit knowledge' explores the relationship of our body and the way we perceive information. Multiple student projects were exhibited in an immersive end of the year exhibition, which conceptually was designed by the students.

The idea is to expose the visitor simultaneously to the final projects, which are presented on minimalistic tables and the conceptual process under an arch of ideas. This sculptural ceiling represents the development of the projects through sketches and thoughts.


Concept Drawing & Rendering
Each project is represented with one row of sketches. The first sketches at the bottom of the arch mark the beginning of the projects. The height and spacing between the drawings increase continuously and form a spatial curve, expressing the procedural growth over time. The spatial tension in between idea and result, or process and object stimulates an immersive engagement with the exhibition.


Tacit Knowledge Exhibition

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Concept: Jonathan Ravasz | Felix Scholder | Petra Ritzer
Realization: Project Team
University of Applied Science Munich

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