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The ReDistributed Museum brings people closer to the art they love. The networking app enables users to explore, encounter and exhibit sculptures in their living room through augmented reality.

3D scans distributed by museums allow the user to experience, explore and share the artworks. Exhibitions become available across different communities and artworks shared without limitations.
Collaboration with Felix Scholder

About the project

At the centre of the experience are 3D scanned sculptures from different epochs, which users can explore via an augmented reality app. Users move around the statues to explore sculptures, learn about artworks and experience exhibitions. The content thrives in an active community and the users' timelines, where they can add their exhibitions to the ever-expanding digital museum.



UX challenges

One of the many challenges of this project was to bring museums experience into a living room. We acknowledge that this isn't easy to fulfil, which is why the content presents itself through different modes: 3D models, augmented reality, 2D images and text. We needed to find a way to through-line weave these various storytelling media together to form a continuous narrative. Through the content hierarchy, we also needed to balance curated stories and personal profiles with historical information about the artworks.
For this project, the content needed to be as accessible as possible, which is why we worked from a mobile-first design perspective to guarantee an equally good experience on both mobile and tablet.


Through an AR prototype we were able to test and challenge different exhibition setups in different environments.


To bring an exhibition experience into a new environment, we used a multi-modal approach. The augmented reality application, empowers the users to always bring the exhibition with them, to a location they want and have access. That pushes the boundaries of a traditional show and actively engages users to reconnect with the art world. Therefore artworks become inclusive, encourage new interpretations and new ways of curating.
The ReDistributed Museum, as a platform, rethinks the distribution of art through a community approach and balances curated stories and historical information, while being a social media platform.


Felix Scholder

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