Einblick -
End of the year exhibition


A modular orientation system.


The exhibition design of the end of the year exhibition 2015 at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich visually binds together the diverse body of student work and helps the visitor to navigate.

The interdisciplinary projects were divided and spatially arranged by themes, such as sustainability, materials or transportation. Therefore students from different courses exhibited together by sharing the same topic. This curatorial concept was captured through modular stands that frame the orientation system design.

A foldable wooden frame was designed in three different sizes to mark the themes spatially through exploded view drawings. A central aspect for the design of the signage objects was, to find a solution that can be used for following exhibitions and stored at a small space.



At the entrance, a big overview floor plan communicates the arrangement of projects in themes. Each section is furthermore labelled by a smaller object that gives information about the students and their course of study. Additionally, the project descriptions are placed on the smallest next to students work.

Prof. Ralph Ammer
Team Members | Ruscha Voormann | Miriam Brummet University of Applied Science Munich
Student Assistant

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