Air Control?


Critical Design.



inspired by the Aerocene Manifesto of Tomás Saraceno

In discussions, environmental threats are humanised and scaled down to present tangible solutions. Humanising such issues allows us to grasp hyper-objects, but at the same time, it implies that they can be resolved with simple actions. This process tends to overlook the unpredictable effects that emerge within the system. We aim to step back and zoom out a level to highlight a non-human-centered point of view on the topic of environmental issues and ask ‚Who is in Control of the Air?‘

Air Control? is an immersive installation that embraces the movement of the air in an artificial environment. The five floating sculptures shape the air and thus give it a presence. The air becomes a physical object and a starting point for conversations. Their movements, influenced by the artificial wind of the ventilator, create patterns and emphasises the human idea of controlling nature. The projections of a blizzard highlight the unpredictable environmental consequences through human set parameters.


Workshop at Palais De Tokyo

Native Instincts

Collaboration | Elisa Frenay | Felix Scholder
Royal College of Art
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